Economy and Investment

A note of Optimism has entered in to Pakistan’s Economy in recent years. With the commencement of Mega Projects Like that of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Gawadar Port, the Generalized System of Preferences along with the opportunities offered to countries of Gulf Cooperation Council, Pakistan aims for a trade volume of worth $350 Billion by 2020. Pakistan’s Economic performance has always been inconsistent however for the last two years a significant growth is evident due to improved security and structural reforms introduced by the incumbent government. The government’s political strategy and reforms has paid off in the form a moderate economic growth despite a volatile global economy. Consequently inflation has fallen to 3.49% from 4.02% and the GDP has grown to reach 4.07%. Pakistan is keen to develop certain economic areas that fall under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Investments opportunities in different sectors are rife in Pakistan this include oil, gas, energy, agriculture and exploration of coal reserves along with the various projects that come under CPEC Umbrella. China is Pakistan’s largest Trade partner.