General Information

General information about Karachi

Karachi was the original capital of Pakistan till 1959 before Islamabad was made the Capital. It is currently the Provincial Capital of Sindh which is located on the Coast of the Arabian Sea. This Mega City boasts the largest Port in the Country as well the Country’s heavy Industries. All facilities and necessities for the people and tourists are available here as well as most of the Foreign Consular Missions. Karachi has become the largest metropolis and most developed city in the country, it is also an economical and financial hub of Pakistan.  Modern Karachi has made progress on all fronts from trade, manufacturing, to education and cultural activities. It is the leading provider of business services, infrastructure, transport facilities
media, publishing, printing press, technical and vocational education, medical research and information technology institutes. It is locally termed as the City of Lights for its liveliness as when all of Pakistan sleeps Karachi is still active.


Geographical information on the province of  Sindh

The Province of Sindh is located in the west of south Asia. It is the third largest provinces of Pakistan, occupies an area of 579 km from north to south and 281 km from east to west, bounded with Thar Desert from east, and with Kerthar Mountains from west, and Arabian Sea from south. It is the center of the fertile plain surrounding Indus River. A subtropical region, Sindh experiences hot summer and mild winter. Temperatures frequently rise above 46 °C between May and August, and the minimum average temperature of 2 °C occurs during December and January. The annual rainfall averages about seven inches, falling mainly during July and August. Agriculture is main the economic activity in Sindh; the most important agricultural products are wheat, cotton, rice, sugarcane, corn, soybeans, fruits and vegetables. Farmers also rear cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat and poultry. People living on the Coast of the Arabian Sea depend on fishing. Sindh is the leading province in the industrial sector of the country for major Large Scale industries are located in Karachi and its surrounding area, Hyderabad, cities in the north and Sukkur not mention a few. Manufacturing mainly includes textile, cement, sugar, petroleum products, and electronic, mechanical and other industries.


Geographical information on the province of Balochistan

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan as it covers 44% of the Country’s total area. Its capital Quetta is considered an important cultural center in the region due to its various landmarks and its port City of Gawadar aims to become a major center for industrial activity and maritime transport in the future. The climate of the highlands of the Province is characterized by very cold winters and hot summers. Many parts of Balochistan were under British rule from 1839, this however changed when Pakistan gained its independence leading to its division between Modern day Pakistan and Iran. Accession to Pakistan took place after the ruler of Balochistan signed an accession document, giving Pakistan control of its defense and financial affairs.