Qatar-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan shares warm and cordial relations with Qatar as well as excellent brotherly ties. On matters pertaining to regional and global affairs both Countries have always been on the same page. Pakistan places considerable importance on its relation with Qatar which is based on strong foundations of common faith and culture. However there is a need to strengthen these relations through enhanced bilateral economic cooperation and boost interaction between the private sectors of both countries.

Trade Volume has multiplied between Pakistan and Qatar as a result of the LNG supply agreement.  Major items of export from Pakistan to Qatar include rice, leather, textile, rags, cotton yarn, woven fabric, meat etc. Conversely major items of import from Qatar are petroleum, plastic, organic chemicals, and iron etc.

The five main mutual sectors of investment are banking, insurance and services sector which include tourism, IT, telecommunication, oil and gas. Pakistan's investment in Qatar is mainly in real estate, construction machinery and technical services industry.

Pakistani Business men and professionals are playing a major role in banking, medical and construction sectors of Qatar. Recently an agreement has been reached to increase the Number of Pakistani blue collar workers in Qatar to 100,000.

The Government of Qatar and Pakistan enjoy an exceptionally cordial relation and intend to widen cooperation in economic, defence and political sectors to ensure mutual growth and benefit. Pakistan possesses vast resources and an incredible investment potential. Qatari business groups/companies should partake in the privatization process of Pakistan as well as focus on investment opportunities in the fields of livestock and dairy.

Governments of both countries are determined to promote bilateral relations on a broader front.