Travel Advice

  • You should be fully aware of the security situation before making a reservation to travel to your intended destination.
  • You must inform the Consulate General before making a reservation.
  • Do not accept personal items or food stuff from any one while traveling inside Pakistan
  • Do not carry a large amount of cash.


Leading tourist destinations in the Province of Sindh - Pakistan

  • Karachi Zoo: it houses various species of animals such as wild birds, crocodiles, turtles and others.
  • National Museum of Pakistan -Karachi: contains an important collection of items relating to Pakistan’s ancient heritage.
  • Golf Club Karachi: Located close to the beach in Defense area.
  • Shopping centers in Karachi: There are several modern shopping centers in Karachi such (Dolmen -Hyper) malls and old bazaars.
  • Beaches: there is a beach in Karachi. A section of the beach has been assigned for recreation and activities such as a ride on a gaily-decorated camel, a horse or a motor bike. Electrical swings are also a feature along with restaurants.  
  • Archeological Site of Mohenjo Daro and its museum: This Archaeological site is located in the province of Sindh. It was built in 2600 BC; it was one of the largest Settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization as well as one of the world’s earliest major urban settlements. Mohenjo Daro was abandoned in the 19th Century BCE and was not re -discovered until 1922. Significant excavations have since been conducted at the site of the city, which was designated byUNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Makli Graveyard: The Makli Graveyard at a distance of 65 Kilometer from the town Thatta is the world’s largest necropolis. It contains half a million graves spread over an area of 8 KM, reflecting historical, political and social backgrounds. There lie important kings, Muslim Conquers of the medieval era inside mausoleums decorated with Quranic verses in various calligraphic styles. Nearby there is also a mosque which was built by Mughal Emperors. This mosque has one hundred domes.
  • The historical port city of Debal: this ancient city lies 50 KM from Karachi with an archeological site that attracts tourists and a museum.  Its history dates back to the arrival Islam in South Asia when Mohammad Bin Qasim first touched the shores of Debal. It is here that the River Indus flows in to the Arabian Sea.
  • Gorakh hill: this Historical Hill Station is situated near the City of Dadu.  It is very attractive to nature-lovers owing to its temperate weather and beautiful surroundings. Gorakh’s elevation gives it a special climate, with sub-zero temperatures during winter and generally below 20 °C in summer.


Leading tourist destinations in the Province of Balochistan, Pakistan

Quetta is the provincial capital of Balochistan, there are parks in the city and lake named"Hanna”. Its climate is characterized by severe winter and a very hot and dry summer.
Desert safaris are available in the city of Taftan, Ferry trips in Gwadar, parks and restaurants in Chaman city and Hotels and recreational spots in the city of Geewani, Ormara, Ziarat Pasni are also available.
The narrow coastal plain of Balochistan on the Arabian Sea rises rapidly to several mountain ranges.